High End Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

Jusnova offers OEM & ODM service with ever-lasting stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry, creating jewelry beyond your expectation.

A Wide Selection of Stainless Steel Jewelry

All of our products are manufactured under SGS standards. With its highly malleable, anti-allergenic, and anti-corrosive features, stainless steel is a cost-effective and perfect material to turn your concept into reality.
Necklace & Pendant
Stylish and unique jewelry matches that popularize your brand.
Add-on selection to suit your pendant necklace and color up your brand.
Hoop, stud, cuff earrings with delicate designs that exude charm for your business
Glittering gemstone-mounted rings that elevate your jewelry business.
A broad array of gracefully textured bracelets that enrich your brands.
New Arrivals
Keep up to date with jewelry trends to get continuous inspiration for your custom.

Robust Competence to Fulfill
Your Ideas

Assisted companies and entrepreneurs to flourish in jewelry business.
Full-spectrum Customization

Jusnova offers a full scale of custom options ranging from styles to small clasps. Packaging with logo is also customizable to brighten your brands.

Robust Productivity & Profitability

With automatic machines and skillful craftsmen, persistent supply keeps your business running smoothly.

On-trend Sample Ready to Ship

Mature and dynamic sample inventory that smoothens your custom process.

Design Protection

The non-disclosure agreement is available for jewelry artwork protection if needed.

Get Quotes & Free Samples

    *All your information is kept private and confidential.

    Broad Scope of Stainless Steel Jewelry Customization

    Jusnova has devoted 13 years to manufacturing stainless steel jewelry with qualified
    and veteran craftsmen.
    Color Plating
    stainless steel jewelry manufacturing
    Various techniques to bring your creative and featured jewelry
    brand to life, including Laser engraving, embossing, debossing, etc
    a craftsman making the custom jewelry
    Decorative elements that make your customized jewelry as unique as
    your brand.
    piles of stainless steel gold plated jewelry
    Keep your customers tuned for characteristic jewelry
    styles by customizations.
    stainless steel jewelry color plating
    Using stainless steel as base material, Jusnova veteran craftsmen empower
    your customization, by adding metal or alloy you want to make it stronger
    and more special.
    stainless steel jewelry packaging
    Contact us if you have other needs. Everything is possible
    in Jusnova.

    Total Business Success & Satisfaction

    We are always committed to boosting your jewelry business based on your special requirements.

    Brand Retailers

    Ecommerce Groups & Distributors

    Designers & Influencers

    Get Your Customization Optimized at One Place

    From custom consultation to finished products, you’re always kept informed, following every details you need to know and getting involved with Jusnova.

    > Free 24/7 Online Consultation

    Whenever you have an idea, just drop us a line to get real-time assistance for your custom project.

    > 100% Confidential

    Your creative ideas are always safe with us. NDA support is available if needed.

    > On-time and Safe Delivery

    Get your custom artwork without worries on time.

    > Real-time Manufacturing Updates

    No more wondering what’s going on with your jewelry. Jusnova gets you involved in every detail you need, from jewelry manufacturing to delivery.

    > No Ethical Worries

    Our products induce no stimulation to the skin and have a limited impact on the environment. We use recyclable packages.

    > One-month After-sale Guarantee

    If there’s any quality issue please feel free to contact us for a reasonable replacement and refund.

    Practical Jewelry Manufacturer
    You Can Count On

    Dedicated custom jewelry manufacturer who is committed to fostering an
    efficient environment for jewelry custom business.
    Craftsmanship of stainless steel ring
    Meticulous manufacturing techniques and careful inspection for quality control. Jusnova has been doing this for almost 13 years.
    Custom Jewelry Craftsmanship
    Efficient communication with our consultants makes it easier from the beginning. It takes 5 to 7 days to get yourself samples for a quick preview.
    Recyclable & Non toxic Materials
    Jusnova jewelry packaging is made from recyclable materials. Additionally, we utilize recycled metals to make gorgeous jewelry.
    two people shaking hands
    A solid and reliable supply network has been set to guarantee your jewelry business a profitable and qualified market.

    Manufacturing Process

    Design & Prototype for Your Requirements
    Lost Wax Casting & Molding Bring
    Your Idea to Life
    Stone Setting for Further
    Hand Polishing Increases
    Clarity & Attraction
    Electroplating Enhances
    Quality & Beauty
    Repetitive Inspection to
    Ensure Quality

    About Jusnova

    As a manufacturer that specializes in creating handcrafted stainless steel jewelry since 2009, we effectively paved our way in the industry by gathering cooperating partners and combining resources.

    After that, increasing customers arrived with different ideas, for which we grew our team by recruiting well-trained artisans. Following a win-win business vision, we are now endeavoring to perfect the customers’ experience so that both parties can profit.

    Jensen K. Brand Retailer

    Effective communication is one of the reasons why I choose Jusnova. They got my custom ideas so quickly and I was so surprised!They are responsible and patient and kept me informed of any developments.

    Jennie K. Designer

    Lovely manufacturer to work with! Superb service, friendly and very helpful. The packaging is beautiful and the products I’ve received so far are wonderful. It’s nice to create artwork together.

    Darlene B. Ecommerce Brand Owner

    Everything I have received so far has been wonderful. I am working on making samples for my website and am so delighted with the quality and value of everything. I will definitely order from you again!

    Our Clients Are Satisfied
    with Us

    Ready to Actualize Your Jewelry Custom Ideas?

    Get in touch with Jusnova for free samples and consultaion
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