PVD Gold Plated Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale

You focus on selling, we’ll handle the rest! Enjoy hassle-free stainless steel jewelry solutions. Perfect for eCommerce businesses, influencers and brand owners.

What Make Jusonva Different

Free Samples

Seeing and feeling 316l ss quality and pvd coating before committing to a larger order. Reduce risk and gain great brand reputation.


Continuous New Arrivals
Stay ahead of trends with a steady stream of in stock designs every month. Low MOQ allow for agile inventory management & quick restocking.    
Effortless Packaging & Branding
Tailored packaging with your brand logo or seamlessly integrate your existing packaging and barcodes into our fulfillment process.
Professional Product Photography
Capture intricate details and brilliance of your jewelry. Ready for your website, social media, and marketing materials.

A Wide Selection of Stainless Steel Jewelry

All of our products are manufactured under SGS standards. With its highly malleable, anti-allergenic, and anti-corrosive features, stainless steel is a cost-effective and perfect material to turn your concept into reality.

Who Can Benefit from Jusnova?

Jusnova empowers a diverse range of businesses and individuals to thrive in the e-commerce landscape.

For Starting Your Online Businesses

If you have an existing online store, such as Shopify or dream of launching one, Jusnova provides jewelry and support you need to succeed.

For Expanding to Retail Marketplaces

For sellers established on or aiming to join platforms like Amazon, eBay, Zalando, and others, Jusnova streamlines operations and facilitates growth.

For Monetizing Your Influence

Trendsetting fashion bloggers, KOLs, and designers can leverage Jusnova’s expertise to turn their passion and influence into a profitable venture.

Simple Steps to Get Your Jewelry

10+ years of experience in manufacturing jewelry has embraced us with skilled workers and technical know-how to smoothen your custom experience.
Check Catalogs
Consult for more details about the solution and get a quote.
Check Catalogs
Consult for more details about the solution and get a quote.
Get Samples
Check the quality before large order. Instock sample is ready to ship.
Get Samples
Check the quality before large order. Instock sample is ready to ship.
Bulk Production
Each of the jewelry will undergo strict QC and inspection before packaging.
Bulk Production
Each of the jewelry will undergo strict QC and inspection.
Receive your jewels and product photgraphy safe and sound.
Receive your jewels and product photgraphy safe and sound.

Robust Competence to Fulfill
Your Ideas

Assisted companies and entrepreneurs to flourish in jewelry business.
Full-spectrum Options

Jusnova offers a full scale of options ranging from styles to plating color. Packaging with logo is also customizable to brighten your brands.

Robust Productivity & Profitability

With automatic machines and skillful craftsmen, persistent supply keeps your business running smoothly.

On-trend Sample Ready to Ship

Mature and dynamic sample inventory that smoothens your custom process.

Design Protection

The non-disclosure agreement is available for jewelry artwork protection if needed.

Get Catalog & Free Samples

Begin a jewelry project with Josnova now. You can fill in the form and we will get back to you within 8 hours!

    *All your information is kept private and confidential.

    Broad Scope of Stainless Steel Jewelry Customization

    Jusnova has devoted 13 years to manufacturing stainless steel jewelry with qualified
    and veteran craftsmen.
    stainless steel jewelry manufacturing
    Various techniques to bring your creative and featured jewelry brand to life easily, including Laser engraving, embossing, debossing, etc
    Using stainless steel as base material, Jusnova veteran craftsmen empoweryour customization, by adding metal or alloy you want to make it strongerand more special.
    stainless steel cubic zirconia ring
    Select from a wide range of cost-friendly semi-precious stones jewelry. We can provide ethically-sourced gemstones jewelry upon request.
    Design your own packaging with your logo and branding to create a cohesive and professional brand image.

    About Jusnova

    As a manufacturer that specializes in creating handcrafted stainless steel jewelry since 2009, we effectively paved our way in the industry by gathering cooperating partners and combining resources.

    After that, increasing customers arrived with different ideas, for which we grew our team by recruiting well-trained artisans. Following a win-win business vision, we are now endeavoring to perfect the customers’ experience so that both parties can profit.
    Streamlining E-commerce Operations for European Fashion Retailer
    MS Online Stores Owner

    MS, an online fashion retailer based in Switzerland, selling on the popular European platform Zalando.


    • Branding and Packaging: We handle all product customization, including replacing packaging with MS’s branded boxes, applying barcode labels, and ensuring adherence to their specific requirements.
    • Professional Product Photography: Our team conducts professional photoshoots for each product, capturing both main images and detailed shots to showcase the items effectively on Zalando.
    • Efficient Distribution Network: We manage the logistics of delivering orders directly to MS’s designated warehouses across Europe, ensuring timely and accurate delivery.

    By eliminating inventory burdens, we empowered MS to slash costs and risks. Time saved was redirected towards core business, driving sales growth. Streamlined operations fueled efficiency and scalability on Zalando, solidifying a successful partnership poised for continued expansion.


    “This partnership has revolutionized our Zalando operations! Their expert handling of logistics, packaging, and photography frees us to focus on sales and marketing, accelerating our growth and success. Their efficiency and dedication are unmatched.”

    Jensen K. Brand Retailer

    Effective communication is one of the reasons why I choose Jusnova. They got my custom ideas so quickly and I was so surprised!They are responsible and patient and kept me informed of any developments.

    Jennie K. Designer

    Lovely manufacturer to work with! Superb service, friendly and very helpful. The packaging is beautiful and the products I’ve received so far are wonderful. It’s nice to create artwork together.

    Darlene B. Ecommerce Brand Owner

    Everything I have received so far has been wonderful. I am working on making samples for my website and am so delighted with the quality and value of everything. I will definitely order from you again!

    Our Clients Are Satisfied
    with Us

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