How do We Grow Our Clients' Business



Case Study

KB, a customer from the UK, an experienced online shopper as well as stores owners. She has her own independent website, as well as a social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest with a fan base of 50-100K followers.

After half a year of ordering in-stock jewelry on our store, KB started to inquire about custom-made products.


  • We offer an extensive selection of styles refreshed every 2-3 days on our web store. Customers like KB can choose their preferred materials, including stainless steel, 925 silver, copper, and more.
  • All custom-made products will be presented to KB through images, or samples for her approval before mass production. Additionally, we ensure delivery 2-3 times per month to meet strict delivery timelines.
  • We’re committed to sound aftersales service. Issues on sizes or styles will get prompt and patient response. To ensure customer satisfaction, we arranged for KB to return the problematic product for either a replacement or compensation.

She always selects delicate, petite, and classic designs that can be sold in sets. Her savvy marketing strategies, paired with her product selection, as well as the quality of jewelry, contributing to her business success. Her business revenue has been doubling each year from 2019 to 2022.

“It turns out to be a pleasant collaboration with Jusnova every time. The stable quality and unique designs of their jewellery have earned me a loyal group of regular customers.

My company is expanding and I have some exciting news to share – I’m EXPECTING! We can discuss our future partnership further after my maternity leave.”

AP, the owner of a jewelry enterprise situated in Puerto Rico, made registration on our online store and initiated her first purchase on November 24th, 2016. From that point forward, she has been placing orders on a regular basis, typically once or thrice per month. Fast forward to July 2022, she embarked on a business expansion endeavor by integrating bespoke stainless steel chains and pendants into her extensive assortment, which served as a harmonious complement to her exclusive range of attire.


  • Quality requirements: We will provide the client with high-quality samples showcasing even plating of multiple colors. This will help them compare the quality with regular plating options, including mixed colors, thus building their confidence in our products.
  • MOQ: To accommodate the client’s needs, we will offer a reduced MOQ of 100 pieces per design, along with the cost of the mold.
  • Delivery time: In order to expedite order turnover and ensure timely delivery, we will implement batch delivery of customized items.

AP showcases her talent for pairing jewelry with her clothing products, and she had plans for rebranding her company. Jusnova was delighted to be a part of her rebranding process. It is noteworthy that by incorporating the aesthetic appeal of stainless steel jewelry, she experienced an increase in sales for her clothing line.

“Our collaboration with Jusnova has been extraordinary. The premium craftsmanship and exquisite designs of their jewelry pieces have undeniably elevated the stature of our clothing line, leading to a notable upswing in sales.

Jusnova’s unwavering support throughout our rebranding journey proved to be indispensable. “