Custom Stainless Steel Earrings

Extended possibility that colors up your jewelry customization project and stuns your target audience.



Stainless Steel Jewelry


Stainless Steel Earrings

Fabulous Customizable Styles for Earrings

Handmade earrings can be customized for both sensitive & insensitive ears. Precision on detailing and delicate elements like embellishing stones can be achieved.
Various styles

such as hoop earrings, cuff earrings, stud earrings, dangle earrings, twist dangle earrings, statement earrings, etc.

Adorning elements

like pearls, gemstones, zirconia, crystals, opal, etc.

Advanced plating techniques

including PVD vacuum plating to change your earrings’ color and strengthen their lifespan.

Safe Base Materials Retain Customers

For every of our earring production, we make use of 304 & 316L stainless steel, which possesses great properties like hypoallergenic, non-tarnish, and waterproof.

With this, you can enjoy a seamless and profitable business as you won’t spend extra costs on maintenance or after-sale services. You’ll also gain good reviews from your customers for quality products.
stainless steel earrings

Elegant Package for Your Customized Earrings

A good packaging attracts more customers, which in turn leads to more sales and revenue.

In addition to our manufacturing services, we’ve established a strong relationship with trusted packaging suppliers.

They provide us with durable packages that are customized with your brand logo to promote your business.

Get Your Customization Optimized at One Place

From custom consultation to finished products, you’re always kept informed, following every details you need to know and getting involved with Jusnova.

> Free 24/7 Online Consultation

Whenever you have an idea, just drop us a line to get real-time assistance for your custom project.

> 100% Confidential

Your creative ideas are always safe with us. NDA support is available if needed.

> On-time and Safe Delivery

Get your custom artwork without worries on time.

> Real-time Manufacturing Updates

No more wondering what’s going on with your jewelry. Jusnova gets you involved in every detail you need, from jewelry manufacturing to delivery.

> No Ethical Worries

Our products induce no stimulation to the skin and have a limited impact on the environment. We use recyclable packages.

> One-month After-sale Guarantee

If there’s any quality issue please feel free to contact us for a reasonable replacement and refund.

Is Stainless Steel Good for Sensitive Ears?

Stainless steel earrings are generally safe and non-reactive for people with sensitive ears. It’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t easily cause irritation or allergic reactions. This is because stainless steel is made from an alloy of several metals, including chromium and nickel, which forms a protective layer on the surface of the metal that prevents it from corroding or reacting with the skin.

However, some people may still experience irritation or sensitivity to the metals used in the stainless steel alloy, particularly to the nickel content. If you have known metal allergies or sensitivities, it’s recommended to look for stainless steel jewelry with a lower nickel content or to consider other hypoallergenic materials.

stainless steel earrings

How to Clean Stainless Steel Earrings?

a hand wiping the stainless steel jewelry

1. Gather your supplies

You will need mild dish soap, warm water, a soft cloth or sponge, and a microfiber cloth for drying.

2. Prepare the cleaning solution

You will need mild dish soap, warm water, a soft cloth or sponge, and a microfiber cloth for drying.

3. Remove any loose particles

Before cleaning, remove any visible dirt, debris, or makeup residue from your stainless steel earrings by gently wiping them with a soft cloth or sponge.

4. Clean the earrings

Dip the soft cloth or sponge into the soapy solution and gently wipe the earrings. Pay attention to crevices, edges, and any intricate designs. 

5. Rinse with clean water

Rinse the earrings thoroughly with running water to remove any soap residue. Make sure all the soap is washed away.

6. Dry the earrings​

Pat dry the earrings using a soft, clean microfiber cloth. Ensure they are completely dry to prevent water spots or streaks.

Titanium vs Stainless Steel Earrings vs Sterling Silver

AspectTitanium EarringsStainless Steel EarringsSterling Silver Earrings
Corrosion ResistanceExcellentExcellentModerate to high
Tarnish ResistanceExcellentExcellentModerate to high
Color OptionsLimited (typically silver-gray)Wide range of colorsClassic silver; can be oxidized for darkness
WeightLighter than stainless steelLighter than titanium but heavier than SSLighter than stainless steel
CostGenerally higher than stainless steelGenerally lower than titaniumVaries depending on design and craftsmanship
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