Custom Stainless Steel Ring

Mature craftsmanship has enabled Jusnova to materialize your rings efficiently.



Stainless Steel Jewelry


Stainless Steel Ring

Every Ring Styles Imaginable

With our 13 years of experience in manufacturing different types of jewelry, we’ve mastered the wax molding and casting techniques in making different shapes of rings.

At Jusnova, we manufacture every ring style you can imagine, including snake rings, butterfly rings, and skull rings.

This allows you to meet the various custom needs of your customers and extend your market reach, hence boosting your business success.

Handmade Gemstone Rings to Catch Your Customers' Eyes

Using our outstanding craftsmanship techniques, we make custom gemstone rings even without real diamonds.
Attached stone elements: zirconia, opal, tanzanite, etc.
Exceptional properties:high hardness, brilliance in color making, resistance to abrasion, and are more affordable.
Highly handcrafted and polished: the one of a kind creation with quality ensured.

Exquisite Packaging to Differentiate Your Brands

Understanding the importance of well-designed packaging to attract more customers and promote business image, we’ve partnered with reliable packaging suppliers.

After your ring manufacturing process is completed, we assemble them in packages that are customized with your brand logo. This creates more awareness for your business and protects your rings from external factors.

Get Your Customization Optimized at One Place

From custom consultation to finished products, you’re always kept informed, following every details you need to know and getting involved with Jusnova.

> Free 24/7 Online Consultation

Whenever you have an idea, just drop us a line to get real-time assistance for your custom project.

> 100% Confidential

Your creative ideas are always safe with us. NDA support is available if needed.

> On-time and Safe Delivery

Get your custom artwork without worries on time.

> Real-time Manufacturing Updates

No more wondering what’s going on with your jewelry. Jusnova gets you involved in every detail you need, from jewelry manufacturing to delivery.

> No Ethical Worries

Our products induce no stimulation to the skin and have a limited impact on the environment. We use recyclable packages.

> One-month After-sale Guarantee

If there’s any quality issue please feel free to contact us for a reasonable replacement and refund.

Do Stainless Steel Rings Tarnish?

Stainless steel is highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, which makes it ideal for jewelry manufacturer. However, stainless steel rings can potentially tarnish or discolor over time due to exposure to certain chemicals, such as chlorine or harsh cleaning agents.

Additionally, salts and oils from the skin can accumulate on the surface of the ring over time, which can cause slight discoloration or cloudiness. However, this can be easily remedied with regular cleaning and maintenance. With proper care, a stainless steel ring can maintain its shine and luster for a long time.

piles of stainless steel rings

Stainless Steel Jewelry Care Instructions

stainless steel jewelry maintainence

1. Avoid exposure to chemicals

Keep your stainless steel jewelry away from chemicals such as household cleaners, perfumes, and hairspray, as they can damage the metal.

2. Clean regularly

Regularly clean your stainless steel jewelry with warm water and a mild soap. Use a soft cloth to dry and polish the piece to avoid scratches.

3. Store properly

Proper storage can prevent scratches and damage to your stainless steel jewelry. Store it in a soft pouch or jewelry box to avoid exposure to moisture and air.

4. Remove before activities

Remove your stainless steel jewelry before engaging in any physical activities or water activities, as prolonged exposure to water and sweat can damage the metal.

Tungsten vs Titanium vs Stainless Steel Rings

AspectTungsten RingsTitanium RingsStainless Steel Rings
MaterialTungsten carbideTitanium alloyStainless steel
DurabilityDurabilityDurable and scratch-resistantDurable and scratch-resistant
Color OptionsLimited to gray or black, not easily resizableWide range of colors, including silver and blackWide range of colors, including silver and black
WeightHeavier than titanium and stainless steelLighter than tungsten but heavier than stainless steelLighter than tungsten but heavier than titanium
CostHigher price pointModerate price rangeLower price range
PersonalizationDifficult to resize and engraveCan be resized and engravedCan be resized and engraved
Style OptionsClassic and contemporary designs availableWide variety of styles availableWide variety of styles available
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